Tuesday, 24 July 2012


It's here folks. It's finally here. No, no, not the Olympics. You may think Michelle Obama is travelling to the UK for this Friday's opening ceremony. And she may think so too, but she hasn't yet heard about The Cool Rule Company and when she does she might just rethink her schedule.

I mean the build-up's been second to none. A whole year of dramatic events. Let's take a re-cap:

  • Highly-strung three-year old (Big Tot) spins his tantrums into whole new orbit when his baby brother (Little Tot) comes along
  • In a final act of desperation the exhausted, exasperated parents involve Big Tot in making a scrapbook of rules, consequences and photos of his world
  • Said scrapbook adapts nickname of 'The Cool Rule Book' and becomes Big Tot's favourite thing (apart from Super Mario)
  • Exhausted, exasperated parents become slightly less so
  • Said scrapbook becomes aid to celebrate everything Big Tot can do well and a tool to help him learn what else is expected of him
  • Said scrapbook attracts 'oohs' and 'aahs' from other equally exhausted parents
  • Feeling all entrepreneurial, slightly-less-exhausted-mum shamelessly wrings dry all of the business support offered by local enterprise agency
  • Wringing-dry of babysitting favours also occurs
  • Blogging begins
  • Business planning begins
  • Slightly-less-exhausted-mum creates prototypes for other tots and runs a trial across the country
  • Highly dramatised logo saga begins
  • Trial gets outstanding results and indicates slightly-less-exhausted-mum should really take this idea to market
  • Business planning nearly kills slightly-less-exhausted-mum (who is now exhausted again)
  • Highly dramatised logo saga ends with very cool logo (energy restored)
  • Overdraft is feeling the strain but slightly-less-exhausted-mum ignores it
  • Business planning finished
  • Website launched to the world
  • Celebratory hot chocolate / wine / anything consumable to hand

And there we have it. The Cool Rule Company is officially up and running (Olympic-stylee) and ready for business.

The Cool Rule Book is my first flagship product. It is a gorgeous, glossy little book and it can transform the life you lead with your toddler. Honestly. It's that good.

It includes twenty-seven rules written with love and humour as well as spaces for your own personal rules. When you add photos of things your child will recognise, it becomes all the more meaningful. The categories cover all aspects of a child's life before school and are followed up by spaces for your own consequences of what happens when your child follows or breaks the rules.

The website tells you loads more (www.thecoolrulecompany.co.uk) and you can have a wee peep at some of the pages. It comes as a Standard Pack (with a special guide for the parents to get the most out of the book) or as a Bumper Pack (with the special guide as well as everything else you need to get started).

May I say you've been most patient over the last few months, as I have point-blank refused to reveal what my business venture has been all about. But now you know. And I hope you keep up with the Cool Rule Antics as they develop. And develop they will my friends. Develop they will.

Go Well,



  1. Hi Abi,

    Love the idea of this! Would you like to write a guest blog for me as part of my "Guest on Monday" feature on my blog? http://personalisedparties.blogspot.co.uk/
    Just let me know - would love it if you could.

  2. Hi Maxine,

    Would bloomin' well love to! Let's go for it. I love your blog and it would fill me with glee to be a guest on it.

    Looking forward to it,