Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Birthday Blog Post No. 11

Well it's the end of the month and that means the end of The Cool Rule Company's birthday celebrations (blub!).

So to round things off I've lined up the perfect guest blogger. Heather Carter is a life coach and motivational trainer specialising in Emotional Freedom Technique. I saw her speak recently and was so wowed by her that I just had to include her in this guest post series. Enjoy!

Hi, I'm Heather and I met Abi recently at a Teesside Inspire meeting where I was the guest speaker. I was giving a talk about procrastination. But just because I know a lot about the topic doesn’t mean I’m always perfectly well organised or on time. In fact, I was within a whisker of being late with this guest blog! Why? Because I made a note in my diary of the day it was due but I didn’t schedule time actually to write it: the most basic of mistakes!

Heather taking her blog post to the wire

But do I have to be 100% perfect? No! Of course not. Who is?

And am I beating myself up because I made a fundamental and potentially embarrassing error? NO! What would be the point?

I’ve learned from it, and that’s the bit that matters. It was simply a timely reminder to practice what I preach (organisation, planning, forgiveness, acceptance, laughter, allowing).

Go on- laugh at those missed deadlines!

I could have chosen to feel angry and negative about myself for my failure, and for having to knuckle down NOW to an unscheduled task, (and anger, like happiness, is always a choice).  But being angry or coming up with excuses wouldn’t have changed the fact that I had nearly let Abi down. However, it would have put me under extra pressure and would have stifled my ability figuratively to sharpen my pencil and get on with the task in hand. So I calmly and gently faced the error, gave it my curiosity, examined it with an open mind and allowed the solution to flow into me.

Make space in your mind for the good stuff

The mistake itself was the inspiration I needed for the promised blog post on acceptance and allowing! (Accepting I had made a fundamental error and letting go of any negative emotion surrounding it; allowing inspiration to flow into the space in my head where a negative response could have been).

It was my emphasis on the importance of ‘allowing’ that Abi loved about my talk in June, which brings me neatly to what I loved about Abi’s fabulous Cool Rule Book when I saw it that day. I instantly loved the freedom built in to the framework of the book; the way her design signposts ideas and inspiration whilst creating space for the child’s own unique voice. I love the space she leaves for recording those truly individual decisions with quirky photographs or creative drawings. I love that every book of Cool Rules is a one-off; a unique record of one child’s earliest steps on the journey towards self actualisation and self respect.

Big Tot's on his way with his Cool Rule Book

I really don’t think it’s an exaggeration to reflect that The Cool Rule Company helps to lay down the foundations for a family’s future ability to live in harmony through resolution and respect – and from there for the child to grow through life with the confidence that grows from an innate sense of self and others. From Cool Rules Cool Rulers will grow – so I can think of at least one very new young person who should receive one asap!

Heather, thanks so much and I think most of us could learn from your inspirational philosophies, especially us parents of little people who have our endurance and patience stretched as a daily practice!

Check out why Heather gives The Cool Rule Book such a glowing report at - you're bound to find at least one product to delight a tot in your life!

If you'd like to know more about what Heather does, you can visit her website at or by emailing her at

Heather will be giving a talk on procrastination to the Darlington Inspire Network on Thursday 12th September at 10am.

Heather will also be giving a free workshop on 'Health From the Inside Out' at Teesside University’s Darlington Campus on Thursday 22nd August at 5.30 and 7pm (email for confirmation of date and time), looking at the way emotions affect health and wellbeing including weight loss and gain. An 8 week weight balancing programme will start in September (dates TBA – please email for information).

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