Monday, 22 July 2013

Birthday Blog Post No. 8

On our guest blog series today I'd like to introduce one of my most favourite business concepts I've come across this year. 'Magic Mummies' is a secret, undercover service for us Mums. Intrigued? Then read on . . .

Hi, I’m Claire and I own a business called 'Magic Mummies', every mum's best kept secret.

Claire - the original Magic Mummy

At Magic Mummies, we provide undercover services for busy mums such as baking cakes for summer fairs, making costumes, arranging parties and gift-sourcing. Our aim is to help take the stress out of everyday life and allow mums to spend less time juggling and more time on themselves and their families. But what makes Magic Mummies so special is that we deliver our services discreetly, which means our mummies can take the all credit if they want to.

Just a taste of what Magic Mummies can do for you

Having just passed our own first birthday I jumped at the chance to write a birthday blog post for Abi at The Cool Rule Company.

I first met Abi at the Derwentside Enterprise Agency’s Mumpreneur group when we were both setting up our businesses at the same time. And as luck would have it I discovered a group of fantastic mums who have been great support ever since, not to mention the Derwentside Enterprise Agency mentors.

Magic Mummies, like The Cool Rule Company, is all about encouraging happy family living as well as making parents’ lives easier. The Cool Rule Company has a range with products to suit every parent's needs. They encourage the setting of simple, loving rules and a way to personalise the whole experience. After all, we all know that every child loves an excuse to look at photos of themselves!

Claire's gorgeous girls

As a mum of two girls myself I am all too aware how difficult it is to maintain a consistent approach to parenting. I’ve lost count of the number of reward schemes I’ve tried! But the Cool Rules are something quite special. They help keep everyone on track and they come in different guises: a Cool Rule Book, reward charts your little one can decorate, rocket and butterfly charts, posters - there really is something for everyone. Creating a balanced home life can be difficult, but The Cool Rule Company certainly helps you to find a balance that works for you.

The Cool Rule range

There have been so many lovely occasions since my first encounter with Abi. The funniest time being when we went to a posh business networking event, took a wrong turn and had to run across a pristeen golf course with our high heels on and a toddler in tow! We just hoped the caretaker wasn't looking!

I just know that Magic Mummies and The Cool Rule Company will continue to collaborate as the businesses develop. I will be launching new Magic Mummy services soon and a new website at the end of summer so keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates.

I feel very fortunate that I was able to get to know Abi and experience The Cool Rule Company in its infancy, because it has gone from strength to strength in its first year. It is barely recognisable as the business that started a year ago. So Happy 1st Birthday to The Cool Rule Company! I can’t wait to see what you’ve achieved by your 2nd Birthday . . . hip, hip hooray!

Thanks Claire! We think Magic Mummies is a tremendous business concept and we're not surprised in the least that your first year has gone so well. 

If you'd like to contact Claire or find out more about how she can go undercover to help you, these are the links you need:

If you're also curious about what The Cool Rule Company can do for you and your family, check out our website at and like us on Facebook to be in on the Cool Rule vibe!


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