Friday, 19 July 2013

Birthday Blog Post No. 7

As part of The Cool Rule Company's 1st birthday blog series, I'm so chuffed to introduce a fantastic guest post. It's Sarah Loveland, a very talented photographer with a passion for bringing the joys of photography to anybody anywhere. Today she gives us some hints and tips on photographing your toddler - enjoy!

Hi, I'm Sarah. I was fortunate enough to meet Abi from The Cool Rule Company when I popped along to a Mumpreneur meeting in Consett which was staged by Derwentside Enterprise Agency. I had previously seen the Cool Rule Book on Facebook so it was great to have a proper look at it. I loved the fact that parents could stick their own photos into the book.

Sarah and the Cool Rule Book which caught her photographer's eye

As a professional photographer one of the things that I do is teach people how to take better pictures. In addition to lessons and workshops I have created a range of fun and informal photography lessons in a box. One box in my range is the ‘How to Photograph Your Toddler’ box.

Sarah's genius photography lesson in a box

If you're a parent, have you often struggled to photograph your little one now they are at an age where they are on the move? Smaller cameras often have a delay once you’ve pressed the button and by the time the camera has taken the picture the child has moved - how frustrating is that?!

Here are a couple of pointers for photographing your children . . . 

  • Where is the light? Try not to shoot towards a window or the sun. Keep the light to one side or just over your shoulder. If your child is evenly lit the picture will be better.

  • What’s in the background? Make sure you have moved the washing! Sometimes by taking a step to the left or right you realise what needs to be changed in the background.

  • Try and tell a story. In the Cool Rule Book you will want particular pictures to show special things. Think about how you can get your picture to tell the story of what is going on. 

Most importantly, have fun with it and keep it fun for the children! They will get bored with you trying to get the perfect picture if you go on at them to sit still and smile

I would like to wish The Cool Rule Company a very happy birthday!


Thanks Sarah. Personally, we love your photography lessons in a box range and definitely think the 'How to Photograph Your Toddler box' is a perfect partner to the Cool Rule Book!

If you'd like to contact Sarah or want to find out more about her fantastic services and products, here are the details you need:

If you're curious about the wonders of the Cool Rule Book and the rest of the fantastic Cool Rule range, skip on over to our website:

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