Friday, 22 March 2013

To Boost or Not to Boost? - Day Five

I've hit the halfway mark folks. From this point onwards I am officially closing in on the day when all this detox madness ends. And perhaps by then I will be convinced that it is not madness after all.

Breakfast: Courgette & pepper omelette & strawberries, Lunch: Mackerel with quinoa & salad, Dinner: Butternut squash soup with salad & sweet potato wedges

But, to be fair, I did have a hell of an energy surge today. Those of you who follow my blog regularly might remember one of my most popular posts, 'The Avoidance of Proper Cleaning' in which I use my well-worn housewife experience to give tips on how to meander around any real household cleaning. But this morning something strange happened.

I actually wanted to clean.

And not only that. I wanted to rearrange, declutter, reorganise. I actually moved all of the furniture in my living room to brand spanking new spaces, much to Little Tot's onlooking bemusement. If I hadn't known better (and I certainly do) I might have even called it 'nesting'.

Can all of this be put down to the detox? Possibly.

But after that bout of energy came lunchtime and I was faced with yet another protein-rich meal devoid of carbs and fun. Well, that's not entirely fair, the meal itself was fine. Delicious, even. It's just that it bears a striking resemblance to many other meals I've eaten over the last four days.

That's when I started to feel a little despondent. What am I even doing this for? The halfway mark seems to be a good time to ponder over that very point. What, exactly, do I want out of this? Is it going to be worth it? Wouldn't a little cup of tea and a Snickers bar make me feel better and set me back on the right track?

Look at it, the lovely thing

Well we all know the answer to that, don't we? You don't have to be a health expert to know that the average detox does not allow for chocolate breaks. Boo.

I decided to be honest on the Facebook forum tonight and let Helen know about my wobbly faith in the whole thing. As always, she came back with the perfect words of advice:

"This is when your body is saying"just have it" because it is so used to having the roller coaster ride. But now your education and determination will carry you through for another day or two. Once you hit that high you will realise that you cannot bottle it. Be patient. Everyone is unique, not everyone suffers. Some sail through it whilst others struggle. Just support your body. Give it what it needs not what you think it needs or wants."

How can I argue with that?

So let's get to grips with why the flip I'm doing this in the first place . . .
  • In a bid to ward off my regular gloomy energy dips
  • To get clued up on the health benefits of certain foods
  • To get out of some bad, reactive eating habits (cue Snickers)
  • To somewhat reduce the jelly belly my Tots have left me with

If I can hit even one of these targets during these ten days, I'll be one very chuffed lady. So with that in mind, I shall soldier on in this Snicker-less world for another five days. Just watch me.

Go well,


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