Monday, 18 March 2013

To Boost or Not to Boost? - Day One

Day one of the Body Boosting scheme and I still appear to be alive. I have enjoyed my meals, done my exercise and drank three squillion glasses of water. So top marks to me.

Breakfast: Eggs, tomato, cucumber & olives, Lunch: Mackerel, sugar snap peas, avacado & salad,
Dinner: Quinoa & roasted veg, homemade houmus, salad and boiled egg

But I think, actually, I also deserve a gold star. Or maybe even two. For today has not just been any day. Today has been my Mam's birthday and, being the wonderful daughter that I am, I decided to put on a little tea party for her.

I decided this master plan last week, when I had no idea I would be purging my body of all things naughty. I'd also decided to ask a few of her friends along, as a surprise, as I love an excuse to play the host and throw a buffet together. Little did I know I would be throwing said buffet together chiefly with foods my detox guru, Helen McCrea, would deem as 'toxic'.

So I think you get the picture. I made Thick, creamy coleslaw. Spicy pasta salad. Cucumber yogurt dip. Tuna mayo baps. Bread sticks for heaven's sake! I couldn't take a modest chef's taste of anything, not even a lick of the fingers for fear of sending my body into detox meltdown.

And setting it all out on the table . . . and watching everybody else eat it . . . and helping Little Tot spoon it into his mouth. Torture!

Luckily I'd sneaked in a few goodies I could eat onto the buffet table. Quinoa and roast vegetables. Homemade hummus. Eggs, olives and the like. So that got me through the savoury part of the meal. But how, oh how, would I get through a table laden with sweet birthday goodies? And what about the denouement of the event? The birthday cake?

My Mam's a Dog Show Fanatic, hence the decorations

And it was a beauty. Made by my good friend Claire, who runs a successful business taking various tasks off busy mums so they can get on with other stuff - Magic Mummies. I know her cakes are absolutely delicious and had, upon ordering the cake, been very excited about the prospect of tasting her wares. Sadly it was now not to be. And I made do with a bowl of berries.

Luckily, Big Tot ate enough cake for the two of us and ten minutes later was complaining of tummy ache. So while I did the whole magic kiss thing for him, I couldn't help but feel a little angelic because my own tummy was filled with nothing but purity and light.

Tomorrow I may well sprout wings and perhaps a halo will emerge.

I'll keep you posted.

Go well,


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