Thursday, 21 March 2013

To Boost or Not to Boost? - Day Four

Good news everyone. The detox headache from Hell is subsiding. It looks like that Helen McCrea knows her stuff after all and will, indeed, boost my body with her detoxing wisdom.

Breakfast: Mushroom & onion omelette and strawberries, Lunch: Salmon fillet with salad, sugarsnap peas, homemade houmus & celery stick with cashew butter, Dinner: Quinoa stuffed peppers, salad & homemade houmus

I've felt a lot better today, although any improvement on yesterday is a good thing. I've even swanned into Holland and Barrett and scooped up deals on cashew butter, almond butter and various life-improving bags of nuts. I'm getting rather good at this health lark.

My workout today was a tad easier too. I've given myself the permission to adapt Helen's suggested exercises around my dodgy knees so whether I'll burn the desired amount of calories is doubtful. But Helen insists that the main thing is just to bloody well move and I'm definitely doing that.

There is one little thing though, that is a tell-tale sign that I'm not quite with it. And that would be the shortness (or perhaps total disappearance) of my patience with the Tots.

Big Tot insisted he should try out the rope swings on the way home from school today so off he trotted. After approximately five minutes I was cursing whichever insane person thought up rope swings in the first place. Big Tot whinged and cried and shouted and screamed because he didn't want to swing on the ropes without holding on to me and that involved hair-pulling and coat-tearing I was simply not willing to endure. Meanwhile Little Tot had thrown his dummy and his toy train into a snowy, muddy abyss and was cranking up the volume too.

I think I did well not to throw myself into the snowy, muddy abyss.

Finally at home and Big Tot decided he had tummy ache. Using my ingenious mother's intuition (or plain common sense) I knew this was not the case. Yes he wanted to lie down on the sofa. Yes he wanted to play Super Mario Kart. And yes he wanted a blanket. But no, he did not have tummy ache.

The modern cure for all ailments

So I urged him to recall yesterday's events when Mummy had gone to bed because she felt poorly. That's what we do if we're feeling poorly, we go to bed for a little rest. So I got him into his pjs, tucked him in with a book or two and explained he had to stay there for half an hour to see if he felt any better afterwards. This did not go down well.

I thought I might teach him a lesson about telling the truth and simultaneously get half an hour to myself to prepare that night's detox dinner, but what I actually got was a bellowing voice every few moments: "How many minutes left now Mummy? Is my time nearly finished? Shall we count them down? Is it a million minutes or is it a thousand minutes? How many minutes left now?"

Shortly after doing his time, Big Tot ate three pieces of pizza, a portion of chips, two choc chip muffins, a pot of custard and a banana. Tummy ache indeed.

So when I checked the Body Boost Facebook page tonight, I poured over Helen's words about the experience me and the other ladies are going through:

"More fortunate people retreat to India or Thailand to detox. Us poor souls do it whilst raising kids, working and running houses, businesses and god knows what else. So give yourselves a huge pat on the back."

 Aw thanks Helen. Now can I go and  lie down on the sofa with a blanket and play Super Mario Kart?

Go well,


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